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About Us

Ain't no parties like the Secret Parties.

Our award-winning brunches, bespoke ladies' nights, and iconic island parties have become some of the most buzzing events in Dubai.

World records, world-class entertainment, and worldly venues are the cocktail of the multi-award-winning Secret Parties formula you see today.

Our locations include the FIVE Palm, the Ritz-Carlton DIFC, and the Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi.

Hosting the hottest celebs, your favorite creators, Dubai mainstays, and party-hungry tourists, there's a little something for everyone on our jam-packed party calendar. From the glitz, and the glamor, to the pulse that beats through the night (or day!) unforgettable experiences are just around the corner.

What makes a Secret Party just... Something else?

We've got a knack for the unusual, the funky, and sometimes a little wild. If you're looking for something vanilla, this isn't it. At Secret Parties, you're not on Earth anymore, you're in our world.

What are you waiting for?

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